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Donations start at 2,000 yen and please fill in the amount in multiples of 1,000 yen.
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At Kyushu National Museum, we carry out numerous activities related to cultural properties, including collection and conservation, research, exhibitions, and educational projects. Through these activities, we strive to provide accurate information about our cultural heritage while making it more accessible to the general public and ensuring it will be passed down safely to future generations. Donations from individuals and groups play a vital role in helping us to fulfil this social duty. Your donations will be used effectively in the running of Kyushu National Museum (part of the Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage).
From here on, we will work hard to develop our role as an enchanting museum that meets all your expectations. We look forward to receiving your support for our endeavors.


With prior permission, donors will receive a special letter of appreciation. In addition, people donating 50,000 yen or over will also be sent our quarterly magazine Asiage as well as invitations to special exhibition opening ceremonies for a year.

*Limited to addresses within Japan.


Financial Affairs, General Affairs Division


Details on Preferential Tax Treatments

Taxation on Contributions

The Independent Administrative Institution National Institutes for Cultural Heritage (Kyushu National Museum’s governing body) is a designated public-service promotion corporation. As such, individuals and companies making contributions to Kyushu National Museum can receive preferential income and resident tax treatment separate from other general donations.
Contributions to Private Donation are eligible for this preferential tax treatment.
*If you pay income tax in Japan and wish to receive a Certificate for a tax deduction, please refer to the Inquiries tab to contact us after confirming your donation.

How to Apply for Preferential Tax Treatment

Please submit the Donation Acceptance Certificate or the Receipt issued by Kyushu National Museum when filing your taxes.
These documents are needed to receive preferential tax treatment, so please store them securely.

About Preferential Tax Treatments (Deductions)

Contributions to designated public-service promotion corporations are eligible for the following preferential tax treatment.


When an individual makes donations to a public-service promotion corporation, the amount paid is treated as a "designated donation" and a certain amount is subject to tax deduction following appropriate procedures. This system allows either [the sum of total donation made during the year] or [Amount equal to 40% of total income] (Applied to the lower amount of the two) minus 2000 yen to be deducted from taxes.


  • If total annual income is 8,000,000 yen:
    40% of total annual income = 3,200,000 yen
  • Tax deducted in this case is calculated as follows:
    If total amount of donation is 50,000 yen; (50,000 yen - 2,000 yen = 48,000 yen)
    If total amount of donation is 4,000,000 yen; 3,200,000 - 2,000 yen = 3,198,000 yen


When a corporate makes donations to a public-service promotion corporation, the amount paid can be listed separate from standard donations to receive preferential tax deduction. In addition, the revisions to the tax system in 2012 raised the deductible amount limit to allow for a further preferential treatment.
⇒Deductible tax amount = (Capital fund x 0.375% + 6.25% of Gross Income) x 1/2

How to Donate

Payment by credit card

  1. Enter the donation amount, fill in required items(*)and select ‘Add to Cart’ on the page of the project you wish to support (donors can make multiple donations).
  2. After checking the ‘Cart Contents’ on the cart page, please proceed to checkout.
  3. Please fill in the necessary information(*).
  4. After checking all the details on the ‘Checkout’ page, please confirm your donation.

*We accept the following cards.

*Notes regarding credit card payments

  • Credit cards can only be used by the person who owns the card.
  • Payments in multiple installments are not possible.
  • As a general rule, changes cannot be made and funds cannot by returned after a payment is made.
  • The payment will be taken from the designated account on the date determined by your credit card company. Please consult the statement issued by your credit card company for details.
  • Please contact your credit card company if an error occurs after payment is made.

Payment by bank transfer (Limited to addresses within Japan)

Please contact below and provide your name and address. We will send you a Donation Application Form.

Financial Affairs, General Affairs Division, Kyushu National Museum
Telephone number: 81-92−918−2807 (representative)

* Please pay the transfer fees separately
* We may provide your personal information to the relevant local government bodies to facilitate the tax deduction process in your city, town or village.