Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center (CHDRMC)

Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center (CHDRMC) The Cultural Heritage Disaster Risk Management Center (CHDRMC) was established under the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage in October 2020. Its mission is to protect cultural heritage in all its forms from commonly-occurring disasters, including earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rainfall.

A Message from the Director

In addition to frequent earthquakes, Japan grapples annually with typhoons and heavy rains. These and other disasters have ensured that the list of damaged cultural heritage is a long one. Disaster-related damage made headlines in 2019 when consecutive fires nearly obliterated France’s cathedral of Notre-Dame and Okinawa’s Shuri Castle—both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
CHDRMC protects cultural heritage by working with like-minded organizations to develop technologies that prevent or mitigate the impact of disasters and by creating networks to help salvage damaged cultural heritage. When disasters happen, CHDRMC also lends its support to cultural heritage rescue operations.
Your donation will help CHDRMC fulfill these missions and ensure we can respond swiftly when disasters occur.
Please consider contributing today to help us preserve our invaluable local cultural heritage for future generations.

Director Yohsei Kohdzuma