Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum was established in 1872, making it the oldest museum in Japan. The Museum’s collection is comprised of more than 119,000 cultural properties, including many National Treasured and Important Cultural Properties. We collect, restore, conserve, and display tangible cultural properties from across japan and other Asian regions. We also conduct research on these objects and promote understanding of art through educational programs.

A Message from the Executive Director

Museums look after cultural properties handed down from the ‘the past,’ but their mission is to ensure these properties are transmitted safely to ‘the future.’
Tokyo National Museum strives to engender a sense of national pride by giving people a chance to encounter these cultural properties. We are pursuing several initiatives to make our museum more accessible and approachable to Japanese people of all generations and to visitors from across the world.
With your wide-ranging support, we hope to continue pursuing engaging projects while ensuring our cultural properties are passed down faithfully to future generations.

Fujiwara Makoto, Executive Director
Tokyo National Museum